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Opportunity Gap Programs

Silver Spoon Foundation utilizes innovation and interactive programming to repurpose entertainment and create opportunities for continual learning. Silver Spoon Foundation prides itself on building bridges of access, while equipping students with the motivation and skills to successfully cross them.

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An innovative and business trend relevant program that partners with non-profit organizations and Universities to provide succinct educational opportunities around the savvy use of the leading professional network, LinkedIn. The LinkUP program aims to improve first impressions amongst emerging professionals, heightened entry level competitiveness and enhanced research skills for students as they embark on and build their career relationships.

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Dream bldrs


Our signature mentor pairing program that is fueled by our proprietary matching tool. Major Leagues aims to close the gap in disparity with mentor opportunities available to minority males/females and the unique conditions related to cultural assimilation and workplace adaptability.

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Dream sclptrs

Successful Transitions

Scholarship program targeted towards underserved students who have successfully completed the Dream BLDRS, Dream SCLPTRS, and Dream CHSRS programs. The scholarship's mission is to close the opportunity gap that exist for emerging professionals in the form of limited professional network, professional exposure and lack of recruitment opportunities from top corporations.

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Dream Chsrs